• March 2020

    Leading the National Discussion on Higher Education Facilities and Campus Design

    Studio Ma | Christiana Moss | Design Colloquium | San Francisco

    Drawing on our experience with diverse institutions including Arizona State University, Cranbrook, Princeton, and Washington University in St. Louis, Studio Ma is enthusiastically sharing knowledge and best practices for campus planning and architecture with colleagues around the country. Firm principals Christiana Moss and Jason Boyer will present case studies and thought leadership topics at several upcoming higher-ed conferences, alongside guest panelists from major U.S. academic institutions.

    As the unfolding Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) situation continues to impact conference dates and travel abilities, Studio Ma is staying abreast of latest developments and proactively coordinating for some guest panelists to attend virtually. The upcoming conferences include:

    • Society of College and University Planning (SCUP) Conference Series
      Over the next five months, Studio Ma will lead discussions on design for higher education at three SCUP conferences. At the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference on March 16th, the firm will present the topic of “Master Planning Engagement Strategies for Under-served and Underrepresented Students” with a panel that includes Jamie Kolker, FAIA, Associate Vice Chancellor and University Architect at Washington University in St. Louis. At the Pacific Regional Conference that follows on April 1st, Studio Ma will present a case study on “ASU's Creative City Center: Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Downtown Phoenix” with guest speaker Ji Mi Choi, Associate Vice President, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Studio Ma's guests will attend both conferences virtually. Pending any changes, this summer's SCUP Annual Conference is scheduled to take place from July 19th to July 21st and the firm has plans to present ASU’s Creative City Center alongside a guest panelist from Arizona State University.
    • National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) Annual Conference
      Tuesday, March 31st
      Studio Ma will present the topic “Master Planning Engagement Strategies for Underrepresented Students” with Lori White, PhD., Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at Washington University in St. Louis.
    • Phoenix Architecture Forum
      Thursday, April 16th
      Co-hosted by Wendell Burnette Architects, Christiana Moss will take part in a four speaker series of presentations on public space.

    Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the following changes to the above events are now reflected:

    • SCUP Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference - Recorded live, virtually
    • NASPA - Cancelled
    • SCUP Pacific Regional Conference - New format and time to come
    • SCUP Annual Conference - Proceeding as planned
    • Phoenix Architecture Forum - Postponed